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Apex College Counseling is founded on a passion for assisting students in reaching their dreams of a successful college experience in order to launch them onto their ideal career path. 


We help students and families reduce the stress of navigating the college admissions process. Our range of services break this process down into manageable tasks, supported by clarifying counseling sessions.

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We help students and their families navigate the college admissions process in a way geared toward reducing stress.

We develop a plan to maximize their talents and interests with their course choices, extracurricular pursuits, and summer plans.  We walk with them through the application, financial aid, and college selection process, offering helpful advice and accountability along the way.

College Applications

Writing Essays

College Selection


Career Assessment

College Interviews

Course Selection

Financial Aid



“As homeschoolers, we expected more work with college applications to prove our educational program had been rigorous.  Another local college counseling service suggested that my son "lower his sights," as they believed he had nearly zero chance of being admitted to UT Austin.  Frustrated with such negative input, I found Trish Dew. She was unfailingly positive and proved able to help him accomplish his goals.


While we strove to optimize his academic performance, extensive scholastic tests, and extracurricular activities over many years, we relied on Trish to know how to best present those capabilities to admissions.  It worked. 


He is now a sophomore in the UT Austin Aerospace Engineering department with honors-level GPA and considering adding a second major in physics.  He even has time for outside activities such as volunteering for admissions and serving as a team leader on the ASE Design Build Fly competition team.  He's having a great experience at the college of his choice, and we thank Trish for helping make his dream come true.”

Vicki H

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