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As homeschoolers, we expected more work with college applications to prove our educational program had been rigorous.  Another local college counseling service suggested that my son "lower his sights," as they believed he had nearly zero chance of being admitted to UT Austin.  Frustrated with such negative input, I found Trish Dew.  She was unfailingly positive and proved able to help him accomplish his goals. While we strove to optimize his academic performance, extensive scholastic tests, and extracurricular activities over many years, we relied on Trish to know how to best present those capabilities to admissions.  It worked.  He is now a sophomore in the UT Austin Aerospace Engineering department with honors-level GPA and considering adding a second major in physics.  He even has time for outside activities such as volunteering for admissions and serving as a team leader on the ASE Design Build Fly competition team.  He's having a great experience at the college of his choice, and we thank Trish for helping make his dream come true.  ~Vickie H.

Trish is knowledgeable and professional.  She customizes her guidance and support for each individual student, rather than the 'cookie cutter' counseling that many other places provide.  She is always available for my son, answering his never-ending questions and providing invaluable help.  I highly recommend Trish and Apex College Counseling.  ~Amy D.

Trish went above and beyond for our family.  She helped us with every aspect of the arduous application process. From advising high school classes to guiding our son through college searches and editing his many essays, she was extremely responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.  We are grateful for her service, patience and always reassuring attitude.  We would highly recommend Apex College Counseling.  ~Gina C.

Wow! Trish really went the distance for my son in helping him achieve success.  She specifically recommended an ACT class that improved his score by several points.  She also helped us navigate the FAFSA and made calls to get details on his merit scholarship before the due date! Thank you Apex College Counseling!  ~Beth R.

I am a counselor at a large, public high school where the majority of the students will be the first in their family to attend college.  I am always so appreciative of the knowledge and assistance Trish is willing to provide to help my students! She regularly volunteers at our school-wide application and financial aid events, often going above and beyond to work with families who have tough questions.  She even has taken on pro-bono clients to assist my low-income students! I have and will continue to recommend Trish to anyone needing assistance through the college process; she's a rock star!  ~Michelle S.

When you reach the point where you need to start having the college conversation with your child, I am telling you now, call Trish Dew...She will save your sanity and will give your child all the best options and advice.  Trish has been worth every dime we have spent on this journey.  Truly, had it not been for Trish, I very well could be held up in a straight jacket in a room crying.  AND my son would not be going to college next year.  Call her!  ~Juliet K.

Trish Dew helped me edit my college essays, complete different college applications, and answered any questions I had about applying to college or attending college.  When I decided I wanted to transfer, Trish made a difficult process easy for me and had great recommendations for colleges that would best fit me.  Because of all the help she gave me I am now a registered nurse at John's Hopkins Hospital.  If you are looking to attend college as a first-year student or transfer to a new school, definitely contact Trish to make the process and transition easy!  ~Marisa B.


Trish has helped me apply and understand the complexity of college and all that comes with it.  She is very professional and caring.  She knows what's best for students and how to get you the best opportunities available.  I highly recommend her, as she is amazing!  I couldn't have gotten in college without her!  ~Hayden G. 

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