The college search and application process can be an exciting time, but sometimes a source of conflict and stress for parents and students.  An independent college counselor can help keep the student on track, prevent families from being overwhelmed by the process, and can offer an edge in the highly complicated and unpredictable "college admissions game".



  • In-depth Student Evaluation

  • High School Course Selection Consultation

  • Resume building and evaluation

  • Transcript evaluation

  • Discuss and develop extracurricular and summer activities plan

  • Major and Career Counseling

  • College Visits and Interviews Roadmap

  • College Search and Identification

  • Application Submission Assistance

  • Protect Parent/Child Relationship

  • Organizing Deadlines

  • Essay Writing Mentorship

  • Financial Aid Guidance – FAFSA/ CSS Profile

  • Scholarships Guidance

  • Final College Selection - This is where we will do all the calculations and show the family exactly how much each college will cost.

  • NCAA

  • Mock interviews

  • Housing

  • Orientation

  • Registration

  • One-on-One guidance. No two students are the same so my process is individualized to each student. You will not find a cookie-cutter program here! 


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Helping you navigate the college selection and application process