The Investment of a Lifetime

A college education requires a commitment of time and money.  It is the largest investment you can make for your child. Choosing the right-fit college makes all the difference because your child will be there for at least 4 years. 


Making the wrong choice can be costly and add years to the time necessary to earn an undergraduate degree.  The guidance of an educational consultant generally minimizes the decisions to error. 

We know that each student's and family's needs are unique, but we have found the following services packages to be applicable to most situations. After our initial consultation, we will recommend which package would best fit your situation or offer a custom proposal if necessary.  


This is for students who only need the most basic service - $250 an hour

All-Inclusive Package

This includes unlimited Zoom meetings, phone calls, text messages, and emails for both the student and parents.  This is the package most people choose as it provides the most value for your money. The cost includes everything from the time you sign the contract until the student begins college. The breakdown is as follows:

Beginning 12th grade - $2,700

Beginning 11th grade - $2,800

Beginning 10th grade - $2,900

Beginning 9th grade - $3,000

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